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Copmanthorpe Recreation Centre is a community facility created by voluntary action by residents of Copmanthorpe, following a seven year period of fund raising. It is owned and managed by a registered charity, Copmanthorpe and District Recreation Centre, registration number 503007

The Charity’s constitution is attached. This provides that the Charity is to be managed by a committee, half of whose members are elected at the annual general meeting of the charity in May and half of whom are appointed by various village organisations such as the Churches, the Women’s Institute and the Parish Council.

All residents of Copmanthorpe are entitled and encouraged to attend the annual general meeting of the Charity and vote in the election of officers and committee and raise any matters which concern them

The current Officers and committee members of the Charity are as follows:

  • Chairman: D. Kershaw
  • Vice Chairman: R Scarlett
  • Treasurer: W. Marsh
  • Secretary: J.M. Pickard
  • Committee members:
    • J. Hughes
    • D. Whitehead
    • Mrs. S.E. Whitfield
    • Mrs E. Blanchard
    • Ms J Wilson
    • M Hurst
    • S Alford
    • S. Lockwood
    • Ms V Lawton appointed by Copmanthorpe Sports & Social Club
    • P Northfield appointed by Copmanthorpe Cricket Club
    • K Allan appointed by Copmanthorpe Bowling Club
    • M.D. Brookes appointed by Copmanthorpe Football Club
    • J. Wyatt appointed by Copmanthorpe Scout Group
    • T Duffy appointed by Copmanthorpe Methodist Church
    • P. Whitfield appointed by Copmanthorpe Parish Council
  • Other organisations entitled to appoint committee members are:
    • Copmanthorpe WI
    • Copmanthorpe Youth Club
    • Copmanthorpe Good Companions (formerly Vintage Club)
    • Copmanthorpe Badminton Club
    • Copmanthorpe Parochial Church Council
    • Copmanthorpe Girl Guides
    • Copmanthorpe Parent Teachers Association
    • York City Council (formerly Tadcaster R.D.C.)
    • Askham Bryan Parish Council

The Committee meets, generally, each month (omitting August and December for holidays unless there is urgent business) on the last Thursday of each month.

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